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Flamingo provides a wide range of outsourcing and support services for all types of businesses, applying our knowledge and expertise to assist you with multiple areas of your business that we excel in, allowing you to concentrate on the bits you are great at!

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Flamingo Payroll

Business Process Outsourcing

Finding an appropriate and compliant payroll solution can be a minefield these days, with constantly changing legislation and ever complex qualification parameters.

As an employer or contractor who engages workers it is your responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate contractual, pay and tax status relevant to their relationship with you.

Whether they are construction workers engaged under a CIS arrangement, PAYE employees within construction, individuals with their own limited companies or traditional employees in any other sector, Flamingo can assess the factors surrounding your relationship with them and what they do on a daily basis and establish a solution that is fully tax compliant and works for both parties.

The correct relationship with your workforce gives you and your workforce protection and peace of mind so you can get on with running the other parts of your business whilst Flamingo takes care of paying your workers.

Flamingo Contracting

Outsourced risk and compliance

If you typically engage self employed workers you are effectively sub contracting your work to a third party.

In order for this to be a compliant solution, many factors have to be satisfied.

Flamingo Contracting can become the sub contractor and engage workers to complete the work on your behalf. We ensure that the correct contracts and working relationships are implemented with the workers we engage and that our contract with you is one of genuine sub contractor ensuring you don’t have any form of direct relationship with the workers and the risks that come with it.

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Flamingo Contracting is a well run and compliant payroll company and construction sub contractor that saves me resources in my own business and protects me in terms of any employment status issues. If this is what you are looking for I would definitely recommend them.


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